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Treat And Get Rid Of Head Lice

Head lice are white insects that hatch eggs called nits and leave them close to the scalp and near hair. If you have direct contact with someone who has it, or even with their clothes or bed sheets, it is easy to get head lice in your own head. The first thing to do is to make sure that you or your child actually has the head lice. You can determine this if they are itching their head constantly or if their hair has a bad smell coming from it, or if you can see white spots attached to their hair or on their real 3d mink fur lashes.

real 3d mink fur lashes
real 3d mink fur lashes

LLstt Once you have determined that it is actually lice, it’ s time to remove it. At the store there are many lice removal kits that come with a chemical shampoo and a fine toothed comb. Pet flea combs also have the same effect and either can help you get rid of them. Taking your child to a well lit area, use the fine toothed comb to work through sections of his or her hair. You will see the insects and their eggs as you do this and if you cannot comb them out, then use tweezers or your nails or some tape with the sticky side up to get them out. The actual insect is a reddish brown color and the eggs will be bright white. Another natural way to do it is to use olive oil or mayonnaise on the head. Some studies show that this will smother the eggs and help you to comb it out even easier. Blow dry the hair because heat can sometimes kill off anything else real 3d mink fur lashes .

Once you have taken all the lice out of the hair, you can treat their real 3d mink fur lashes and eyebrows with some petroleum jelly and keep doing so for a week. You won’ t want to comb or add any kind of chemical shampoo to the lashes because that is too close to the eye. Then, wash the hair with the chemical shampoo thoroughly and as suggested by the directions on the box. Be sure that the product does not contain any lindane, as that has been known to facilitate seizures and cancer.

After this, make sure to reexamine your child’ s head to make sure that he or she really is lice free. If you miss even just one lice, then you will leave the entire head vulnerable to being infested again. This means that it is essential that you keep on combing through and making sure that real 3d mink fur lashes is no trace of it.

real 3d mink fur lashes
real 3d mink fur lashes

You need to check every other person in the house, and yourself, as lice is extremely contagious and most likely if one child has it, the others do as well. Since lice can spread through any kind of fabric, you must wash all the bedding in your house, all the towels and clothing worn by anyone who might have lice in their head. Then dry them and make sure to soak all your combs and brushes and lice real 3d mink fur lashes supplies in hot water to disinfect them.

Make sure to report to your child’ s school that your child has had lice so that the faculty can check to see if there has been an outbreak in the school.


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