Need a Reason to Be Barbaric This Halloween?

There’s a little bit of barbarian in all of us, and what better way to enjoy mink cluster lashes, decked out in the best Halloween Costume ever.

mink cluster lashes
mink cluster lashes

Llstt No one can forget Arno’s famous debut as Conan the Barbarian. The role was relived again by Jason Momoa in the 2011 version of the movie. Both were equally bursting in muscles, and both looking very much the part of a full-raged warrior. But even if you don’t quite have the same physique, you can still take your own spin to the Conan the Barbarian look this Halloween.

Dressing the Part

To get the Conan look, choose primitive looking attire. A tunic (leather if possible), kilt, vest, leather pants, some fur, gauntlets, chains, and more leather wrapped around the calves. Of course, you’ll need a barbarian sword too.

If you’ve got long hair then it’s perfect. If not, then get your hands on a wig. If you’re after Jason’s Conan look then go for a long dark brown wig. For Arno’s look, go for a shoulder-length dark blonde wig. Wear them uncombed. Barbarians look scruffy all the time, so the more unruly the hair the better. You might want to wear a headband across too; in leather of course.

To create the rock hard body, you can get one of those fake muscle costumes made from foam. If not, then some self-tanning lotion and makeup will do the trick. Start prepping the night before with a good layer of fake tan then further define your ‘muscles’ with some mink cluster lashes, focusing on the bare chest.

Speaking of makeup, you’ll need to use some to fake some blood here and there as well. Conan was always dirty so use makeup to create the dirty scruffy look too.

Remember, Conan is all about scars. A true barbarian isn’t a warrior without any scars to tell the stories of his life’s battles. So plan on creating plenty of scars using either makeup or fake some with Halloween prosthetics.

Lucky for you, Conan didn’t use any armour. He fought armed only with a sword. So make the best of your only weapon and go for some really intricate mink cluster lashes of the barbarian sword.

You’re a Woman? Not a problem.

There are lady barbarians too. If you want to team up with your rugged looking partner, you can go as a female barbarian warrior. Think more around the reigns of Xena the Warrior Princess.

Look for a pair of boots or strappy heels (the kind that wrap around all the way up to just below the knees), or even a pair of Ugg boots. Dress yourself in a leather skirt with a rugged uneven hem and leather top. Ones with lace-ups are even better. Accessorise with leather arm gauntlets, some fur and your own barbarian sword.

mink cluster lashes
mink cluster lashes

Plait your hair on either side and use leather laces as ties. Use mink cluster lashes to create a dirty look, just like Conan’s.

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