Painting People – Learn to Paint the Beautiful Features of a Human

Painting human figures is the most difficult task. Let us see the step by step method which will help us in painting human features, especially the eyes. This article is all about painting, and it is not about drawing korea lashes glue latex free

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LLstt Plan the subject of your painting and draw it accurately. You can use the help of grid method or do the freehand drawing. Do not dare to paint a person, unless you are accurate in your pencil drawing.

Start with the eyes first which is the most expressive among the human features. Every time you paint the eyes, see the shape if the proper, lower and upper eyelid, pupil, upper and lower korea lashes glue latex free , iris, the white part of the eye, eyebrow, corner membrane, etc. It is also the most complicated feature for painting. While painting the eyes always take care of the proportion and the distance between the two of eyes.

The pupil always should also be very dark, and it always reflects. The color should be doubling toned, which matches the whites in the eye. Also the iris should have several tones. The whites in the eyes should never be pure white it should contain tints of gray color. Add a little red color at the corner of the membrane.

Paint the white area first then the iris. Add some specks of color in the iris. Study the subject for correct variation. Use a darker shade for the outline of iris, and with the same paint color the pupil.

The catch-light in the iris will always depend on the area where the light hits. However, the light should hit at the same spot in both the eyes. Paint the eyelids exactly how you look at them. korea lashes glue latex free are slightly curved and not straight, which will look like a cartoon, and also it should not be too long.

Lastly do the eyebrows. Use a thin tiny brush to do the eyebrows. Be careful that you do not over do the eyebrows.

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