Essential Eye Makeup and Luscious Lip Tips

Our eyes and lips are the most important and expressive features on our face and they are usually the first features that people notice about us. Before you begin any makeup application think carefully about the overall look you want to achieve and how best to enhance these case Custom Eyelash Packaging :

    • If you are thinking about using a number of different eye shadows to create a layering effect, be sure to prep the eye first in order to prevent any smudging from occurring. Applying foundation or primer on to the eyelid to set the base first will also help to set makeup in place. Once you have completed this step then apply a sweep of powder or primer across the case Custom Eyelash Packaging , helping to boost the mascara and give it ultra staying power.

      case Custom Eyelash Packaging
      case Custom Eyelash Packaging
    • Llstt Unless you want to go all out and create a really dramatic evening effect with your eye makeup, stick to warm neutral colors such as bronze, chocolate, taupe and creams, that will help to create a more sophisticated classic look
    • When applying eyeliner always work it into the lash line and make sure you don’t leave an obvious gap. Think carefully when using eyeliner on the lower case Custom Eyelash Packaging as it can look to dark for most people, especially if you are very fair. If you do want to go for eyeliner under the eye opt for using a powder instead, one that will give a softer more subtle effect
  • Your case Custom Eyelash Packaging are a really important part of your overall eye makeup look. To help to really pop those eyes out use an eyelash curler before applying mascara. Apply your mascara right at the very bases of the lashes , and then jiggle the wand from side to side as you work up the lash towards the tips for great coverage. This technique helps to deposit color right at the base, whilst keeping lashes separate and always have a lash comb handy to separate the lashes. Once you have completed this step then apply a sweep of powder or primer across the lashes to help boost the mascara

Next to your eyes your lips are the second most expressive feature on your face, which is why it is equally important to pay attention to their preparation. Whilst these tips address both features it is important to note that that you should only emphasize one feature on your face at a time.

    • Before you purchase lipstick study your lips to know what colors will suit you best. For instance thin lips look better with brighter colors and the more vivid the color the more noticeable a smaller mouth will look. Avoid dark colors if you have thin lips as they work to minimize lips, making them look more severe and harsh. If you are fortunate to have full lips then use more subtle and neutral tones, as dark and bright colors will make them look more prominent
    • As a general rule soft fleshy pinks and warm corals lipsticks will look great on almost everyone. If your someone who doesn’t like a lot of color on your lips then carry a lip balm with you, one that has just a hint of color. This will not only keep your lips looking healthy and fresh but will also keep them hydrated throughout the day
    • Gone are the days when using a different highly pigmented liner is used to enhance lips. Your lipstick should never create a contrasting line so that it looks like there is an obvious border around the lips. Use a liner that matches the color of your own lips perfectly, your lip liner and lipstick need to blend in with each other so that you are not able to see where one starts and the other one finishes

      case Custom Eyelash Packaging
      case Custom Eyelash Packaging
  • Avoid trying to exaggerate the shape of your mouth with your lip liner or lipstick. This will only look like you have missed your mouth and look completely unnatural

Remember that makeup on your face should be perfectly balanced. If you are going for a dark smoldering look with your eye shadow then keep the lips neutral, opting for a softer lip to allow the eyes to take the lead. Alternatively if you are using no eye shadow then dare to be different with a deeper lip color, that will work to offset this look.

For further information on makeup for the eyes you may want to consider eye makeup tips   case Custom Eyelash Packaging  and with help for enhancing those baby blues read makeup tips for blue eyes that will help you get creative with the right colors, helping you to enhance your best features.

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