For Serious Dark Circles Remedy

For serious dark circles, you should be able to manage the problem properly. If not, you will have to take the consequence of people mocking your fateful condition. Basically, this problem is caused by genetics so if one of your family members is suffering from this then you might want to consider yourself next in the list if you are not careful. Also, this is caused by poor nutrition and the lack of sleep. But although you a have to take a lot of time and effort to ensure that you are sleeping rightly and taking proper nutrition, you can actually treat the problem instantly using 3d real mink eyelashes extension !

3d real mink eyelashes extension
3d real mink eyelashes extension

LLstt Basically, for serious dark circles, you will need to have moisturizer, iridescent eyeshadow, concealer, flat acrylic brush, 3d real mink eyelashes extension curler, and white highlight pencil.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. You can start the process by dabbing on your favorite moisturizer on the area that needs special attention. Wait until the time it is absorb by the skin so you have to wait until one minute, this will prevent yourself from having a concealer that appears dry and flaky.

2. Be sure to opt for a concealer which is no more than a half of shade lighter compared to your normal skin tone; grab something in a peach tone to help eradicate darkness. By opting for something that is too light will only make your dark under eye circles look ashen.

3. Saturate the flat acrylic brush, with your preferred concealer. Put it on the line wherein your nose starts to meet the annoying problem. This is known to be the crescent area because of its shape.

4. Rest the brush onto the crescent area then you can start to apply the concealer through a patting motion. Be sure though that you don’t wipe or even brush the area to get the best result.

5. For serious dark circles, be sure to curl your upper lashes using an 3d real mink eyelashes extension curler if you want so you can have something that will take the attention away from the problem. Playing with your lashes can seriously improve the look of the problematic area.

6. By this time, you can apply iridescent eye shadow to allow your eyes to appear fresher and to make it more alive.

This simple makeup trick can be the solution for serious dark under eye circles that you’ve been looking for. Try to carry out this trick next time you need a quick solution to your problem.

3d real mink eyelashes extension
3d real mink eyelashes extension

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